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A Place Like Om

A Place Like Om

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In 2017, a unique concept of urban yoga studio was born in Paris: the YUJ YOGA STUDIO . Until now, we had never practiced in the dark and under infrared lights to the rhythm of vibrant playlists.

This is the oh so original idea of ​​Hélène Duval and with powerful therapeutic effects: practicing in complete privacy without feeling judged, feeling this inner flame rekindling, escaping by traveling on inspiring playlists, such is the promise of the YUJ YOGA STUDIO experience.

All classes are guided by the creme de la creme of yoga teachers, most of whom come from the YUJ TEACHER TRAINING training school, certified by Yoga Alliance .

In less than two years, five studios have been created and thousands of yogis have been won over! We give you the recipe for success:


YUJ YOGA STUDIO is the first French yoga studio to have integrated infratherapy. But what does that mean? The studios are equipped with infrared lights which produce a soft and comforting heat making the experience very pleasant. These lights generate a heating within the muscles and internal organs, causing a lot of sweating. This sweating helps cleanse the body of toxins, digestive waste and up to 97% of heavy metals.

Infrared light not only detoxifies physically, by deeply cleansing and evacuating toxins, but also mentally, as infrared light penetrates both the skin and the brain. Reduction of stress, anxiety and depressive states... You come out of your course totally soothed and revitalized!
  • NO EGO

Designed as real urban refuges, the YUJ YOGA STUDIOS offer 60-minute classes for a unique experience of disconnection. There are no mirrors here, so no judgments. Immerse yourself in letting go and leave behind the studio door all your negative thoughts.


Our yoga classes are real experiences to the rhythm of inspiring playlists to let you go away from the tumult of your thoughts. YUJ YOGA STUDIO has invested in amazing sound by choosing the award-winning Devialet system for its innovation and sound excellence.

Discover our five studios:

Lilia Taghouti