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A Yogi Morning Routine

A Yogi Morning Routine

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The future belongs to those who get up early… and to those who adopt a good morning routine!

In France, doing yoga early in the morning has not yet become commonplace. And yet when you observe the benefits of a yoga session in the morning, you quickly become addicted! Practicing when you wake up, even 10 to 15 minutes, allows you to set the tone for your day, you start it with a positive action, which gently wakes up your body. And you will see, you will be very proud of yourself after your session, and you will have a much more productive and pleasant day!

The Sun Salutation

We often neglect the first steps that follow our awakening, yet they are the ones that contribute to the quality of our day. Including the practice of yoga in our morning routine can be the secret ingredient to ensuring a productive and happy day! A few minutes for yourself and just for yourself, before the madness of a busy day, that changes everything.

A yogi never starts a day without the traditional sun salutation . And for good reason ! Practicing yoga in the morning allows you to wake up your body, which has remained motionless all night, by stretching it. Hélène Duval shows us her morning session of greetings to the sun , in 12 minutes top time!

These few breaks are essential for waking up in good conditions and for a perfectly healthy body.

Benefits of the Sun Salutation...

1. On health

Indeed, morning yoga has non-negligible health benefits, especially when practicing a sedentary profession. A session of a few minutes is all the easier to fit into your schedule as soon as you wake up. Thus, we arrive at the office in good shape and ready to attack the day! The Sun Salutation benefits our entire body, from the heart to the joints to the digestive organs. Since it is a short and slow session, it is quite possible to practice as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach, and it is even recommended.

2. On emotions and happiness

Practicing yoga early in the morning also allows you to approach the day more serenely. Our emotions behave like a wave of energy from when we get up to when we go to bed. By practicing in the morning, we learn to regulate this energy from the first hours to control it throughout the day.

Renowned for its many benefits, yoga considerably improves our mood by acting directly on endorphins, the happiness hormone. By improving your well-being, yoga will therefore have a positive influence on your self-confidence, your productivity and your relationship with others.

If you think you're not a morning person and can't get up that early, there's no secret. If you are a person who needs lots of hours of sleep, just go to bed earlier. Your body will get used to it very quickly. And you will become addicted very quickly when you feel the benefits, from day one!

What Hal Elrod calls the "miracle morning" in his worldwide bestseller, has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, so why not yours?

YUJ Yoga Studio offers yoga classes every morning from 7:30 am, come try and judge for yourself!