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Accueillir le printemps

Welcome the spring

Helene YUJ

Welcome spring and live this season fully

We've been waiting for it so much... it's finally arrived!

Indeed, these last few months have been a real challenge for all of us, and the sun and the heat are welcome… But you have held on!

Here is our advice for you yogis, who want to learn more about this beautiful season and prepare it well to live every present moment in complete serenity.

New season, new intentions 

To welcome spring is to welcome renewal, a change, a new cycle, to set new intentions, consider new projects and new objectives. Indeed, this beautiful season is conducive to reconstruction, personal fulfillment and inner happiness. Its associated color is green, that of hope. So let only the positive enter your life!

To set new intentions and objectives, here are our tips:

  • Take deep breaths . Install yourself in a park, in your garden or on your balcony. Close your eyes and take slow, deep abdominal breaths. Feel the air enter your lungs to fill them with life. Then, breathe out slowly, relaxing your shoulders. Open your eyes. What do you see ? Repeat this exercise as many times as you find useful.
  • Take back control of your body. Place your hands on your face. Feel its finesse and softness, and do not hesitate to make small circular movements to wake it up and invigorate it. Do the same by joining your palms together and focus on the sensitivity felt. Welcome this moment of relaxation and be ready for a new day, a new season.

Adapt your yoga practice

To accompany you in this change of season, we have created tailor-made online workshops & courses . Meet Hélène Duval this Friday, March 26 for a spring detox workshop . And find here all our workshops for the month of March/April.

Take the time to breathe with us during our outdoor yoga classes , allowing you to let go while energizing your body and mind. Limited to 10 people.

Evacuate toxins, give your body a boost

In Chinese medicine, spring corresponds to the energy of wood, connected to the liver and the gallbladder. To give your body a boost and purify it for the arrival of spring and summer, we have created your Spring Detox Break, a tailor-made program for you. A real yoga retreat, but online! This is in the form of an 80-page ebook with a 3-day program to follow at your own pace. Yoga classes, guided meditations, recipes created by the dieticians and founders of Make Me Healthy… Everything you need to enter the new season with joy, tranquility, with a healthy and vitaminized daily life!

See you soon on your mat ;)