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Anahata : Le Chakra du Coeur

Anahata: The Heart Chakra

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Anahata: The Heart Chakra

Today we decided to talk to you about the Anahata chakra which is the heart chakra, the one that relates to love. Anahata means life point. It is located between the shoulder blades. It is both the seat of our bodily balance and our emotional instinct. This chakra gives the ability to give, accept and love. It is the point of balance for all the chakras.

Balance or imbalance?

How do you know if your Anahata chakra is in balance, or on the contrary, out of balance? Just listen to your body, pay attention to your emotions. If you feel closed off, lonely, low on self-esteem, this may be a sign of an out of balance Anahata Chakra. The fear of feeling the rejection of others, if we show too much love, leads to a state of sadness and depression.

This imbalance can also translate into physical symptoms such as problems with the upper back, shoulders and lungs.

A chakra that is too open is also susceptible to imbalance. It will make the person fall into boundless love, with self-centered personality and narcissists. Romantic relationships can sometimes lead to devastating relationships.

Here are our tips for balancing the heart chakra:

Too open, not open enough… It is difficult to know how to balance it and yet there are different ways to stimulate it:

    • Music is an excellent remedy for letting go of your emotions and therefore feeling your heartbeat; Have you ever thought about creating your playlist? Your love playlist, the one that comforts you and makes you vibrate.
    • It's time to express your feelings and open up to others. Share your energies, open yourself to the outside world. It is important to be in daily gratitude, to be alive and present to yourself and others.

  • Yoga, take the time to unroll your mat, ask yourself, listen, feel, get to know this beautiful person that you are, we offer you this session specially built to release your emotions from the heart.

  • But which yoga postures for a total opening of the heart?

    Several postures are recommended for a total opening of the heart.

    • Cobra : Cobra posture, also called Bhujangasana.

    It is a posture where you start on your stomach with your feet together, your palms on the ground under your shoulders and your elbows close to your body. Then, while inhaling slowly, stretch the chin forward, raise and tilt the head back, away from the shoulders.

    The elbows remain bent, you must feel the elongation of the column. Open the chest by pushing the torso forward. The lower abdomen and the pubis must remain in contact with the ground.

    This posture, allows you to align the spine and open the chest so as to open the heart. This posture restores self-confidence.

    • Warrior 1 : This posture is also called Virabhadrasana 1,

    It helps to strengthen our coordination, our concentration, our perseverance, our balance and our flexibility. A posture that is done standing. The hips should be in front, the back foot should be placed at a 45° angle and the front foot perpendicular to the knee.

    The arms are stretched in the air with the shoulders away from the ears and the rib cage forward.

    This posture opens the heart while improving our toning.

    • The camel : This posture is very beneficial. Just keep your hands on your hips and raise your sternum to the ceiling, pulling your shoulder blades together at your back. With the thighs pressed together, direct the tailbone toward the knees to create space between the lumbar vertebrae. To further open your heart, bring your elbows together behind your back. Finally, grab the elbows with the hands while keeping the chest high, the center engaged, the spine stretched and the chin tucked.

    This posture is ideal for strengthening the back and opening the heart, it develops good humor and energy.

    Our advice for balancing your Anahata chakra: Love and accept yourself as you are!

    Celebrating this chakra so important, it was our goal by creating the organic cotton tank top Anahata , thought with love and Paris by yogis.