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Apprendre à ralentir

learn to slow down

Helene YUJ

Being constantly in the rush, stressing, accumulating tasks and wanting to complete them as quickly as possible,... we disrupt our internal clock . So why keep accelerating?

Breathe, regain control, take the time


Easy to say but so complicated to answer... Yet this is what we really need! It is necessary for one's personal development to slow down the pace and create a bubble of softness around oneself.

The world is big but your mind is so much bigger

(And yes, we happen to be poets!)

Take the time to travel within and discover yourself. Gandhi said "The greatest traveler is not the one who has circumnavigated the world ten times, but the one who has circumnavigated himself once". Meditate on it and listen to your breath, for it is the first window to stability in your body and mind. Rediscover yourself every day, let off steam on your yoga mat, put down your phone for a moment, read, simply take the time to smile, … Yes yes it works! It's all about pacing, and these "little things" often have a much bigger impact than one would have imagined.

Let us guide you

Learn with us how to calm your anxieties and regain control, through breathing and meditation techniques, simple and gentle postures to let the heart rate slow down, and soothe your emotions.

See you this Wednesday, February 17 from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. with Sothiya Taing for her “Slow down” workshop.

See you soon on your mats :)