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Learn to slow down to live better

Bertrand Charlot

In a context of general haste (new technologies, multi-tasking activities, excessive consumption, etc.), we experience a real daily race which can ultimately turn out to be counterproductive. This is why there are more and more followers of SLOW LIFE , people who have decided to slow down to live better . Today, we have decided to share this vision, this new way of life with you.


This philosophy of life finally manifests itself in very simple moments in everyday life: rather than swallowing a sandwich between two appointments, we take the time to sit down, eat healthy meals while enjoying this time off.


Slow Life is accepting that you can't do as many things as planned in a day. So we distribute our activities, we avoid multi-tasking, and if we have to put some things off until the next day, it's not the end of the world.


Once a day, we disconnect and we offer ourselves 5 minutes of silence. It can be through meditation, having tea on the sofa, or simply enjoying a moment when you do nothing.

And above all, avoid feeling guilty every time you pause. Because it is these little bubbles of pleasure that make us feel GOOD , and which then allow us to concentrate better, to be more available, and in harmony with ourselves.