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Bien terminer l'année avec Coelia Pelletier

Ending the year well with Coelia Pelletier

Service clients YUJ

For this third episode of "End the year well", we meet Coelia Pelletier, yoga teacher at YUJ.

"Coelia, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Coelia Pelletier, I'm 30 years old.

I have been a yoga teacher for 4 years and the young mother of little Lou who is 5 months old.

Of an enthusiastic and jovial nature, I try to transmit fun and dynamism in my classes, and on social networks where I share content on a daily basis.

Can you explain to us which are your two favorite postures and tell us why?

The splits, because this posture allows you to create beautiful lines.

But also the posture of the dancer, which for me perfectly represents the harmony between the concentration of balance and the flexibility of the body.

Coelia in the dancer's posture and her little Lou

These two postures, like all the others, have so many benefits: stretching, improving digestion, toning the faith and the kidneys... They are particularly interesting during this holiday season when these organs are sometimes abused.

Can you give us some of your best tips for ending the year well?

For me the most important thing is to smile when I wake up every morning. It sends a positive message to the brain and helps us have a better day.

To boost yourself a little more, you can put on some good background music and move your body!

What is your favorite YUJ piece among the new arrivals , what do you think is special about it?

The Nicole navy blue terrycloth sweater.


Nicole sweatshirt and Plume Navy set

It is very soft and embraces the body like a gentle caress, it is perfect for winter and above all you can wear it with everything; both leggings and jeans with heels!

I also really like the Sunset bra … I'm a fan of parma colors and patterns. She is very classy and that changes from what we can usually see.


When can we find you at YUJ YOGA STUDIO?

I'm waiting for you at:

I am also waiting for you on January 18 at YUJ YOGA STUDIO ALMA from 2:30 p.m. for a special 1st chakra workshop. The workshop will last two hours and will focus on stability and rootedness.

Work on your splits and fill up on good energy with Coelia by reserving your mat HERE .

Happy holidays and see you soon for a new meeting and lots of new advice!

The YUJ Team