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Bien terminer l'année avec Hélène Duval

Ending the year well with Hélène Duval

Service clients YUJ

Throughout this month of December, we have decided to meet our YUJ teachers to let you discover their secrets for ending the year well.

This week, meeting with Hélène Duval, master yogi and founder of the YUJ brand and studios.

" Hélène, what are your two favorite postures and can you explain why?

First, I'm a big fan of the standing split . What I love about this pose is feeling how open I can be. I like to feel both my head drawn towards the ground but also this feeling of freedom with the leg which is in the air. It is a calming and stimulating posture at the same time which has multiple properties (cleansing of the kidneys and liver, relief of tension in the neck, deep stretching of the entire back of the leg, etc.)

The second pose that I particularly like is the lotus pose. I like this posture because it took me a long time to acquire it. For a very long time it hurt my kicks and I am now very happy to be able to stay in this posture for a long time. I always keep in a little corner of my head where I started when I see where I am today. It is really the posture that most symbolizes my progress in the practice of yoga.

Can you give us your tips for staying in shape at the end of the year?

We are currently experiencing a particularly heavy climate. Whether it is the difficult meteorological climate in this month of December or the current social climate. My advice is: look for warmth wherever you can find it. Whether it is human warmth or warmth in practice. Of course, infrared lamps are my best asset at the end of the year to warm me up and really rid my body of all the germs and pollution in the surrounding air. For all yogis who have a YUJ YOGA STUDIO downstairs, I highly recommend practicing as much as possible.

Which YUJ pieces do you particularly like in the Winter collection?

I'm an absolute fan of the Plume Navy , these leggings that I wanted for a long time but couldn't create. Navy blue is really my favorite color and I had a hard time transcribing it on leggings because it had to be a truly urban blue. Pairing it with that feather print makes it really stylish and wearable even off your rug!

I also really like the Leotee , which is why we continue to create them each time with new colors without touching the cut. I love practicing with it because its material is extremely light and very comfortable to wear even during an intense lesson. I also like the detail of the straps which form a silver or gold Y, a little nod to this word: YUJ, which has so much value for us and which roots us deeply in the world of yoga.

When can we find you on the mat and practice this legendary YUJ YOGA FLOW with you?

I'm on Tuesdays at YUJ YOGA STUDIO WAGRAM in the 17th arrondissement, at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Wednesdays at YUJ YOGA STUDIO ALMA in the 7th, at 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Thursdays at YUJ YOGA STUDIO LOUVRE in the 1st, at 12:30 p.m.
Friday at YUJ YOGA STUDIO WAGRAM in the 17th, at 6:30 p.m.

So, we practice a max, we get closer to heat sources, and we wear outfits that warm our hearts to spend the winter in style!

Book your mat at YUJ YOGA STUDIO here .