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Bien terminer l'année avec Laure Dary

Ending the year well with Laure Dary

Service clients YUJ

For this third episode of "End the year well", we meet Laure Dary, yoga teacher at YUJ.

"Laure, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Laure, I am a professional dancer and teacher at YUJ. Passionate about body work, I love going beyond my limits every time I come to roll out my mat.

What are your favorite postures and can you tell me why?

The first is the Pincha ( Pincha Mayurasana ). It's a posture that gives me confidence and allows me to concentrate. I often practice it before going on stage, if I did well it means that I am well centered and ready for my show.

Laure in Pincha Mayurasana at YUJ YOGA STUDIO LOUVRE

I'm also a big fan of the Big Bridge Pose ( Chakrasana ). It's really a posture that allows me to let go.

These two postures are linked to the openings of the heart, it is something that I really like to work on because of its benefits on the body and the mind, and that I like to transmit to my students during my classes or during workshops. .

Laure in Chakrasana at YUJ YOGA STUDIO LOUVRE

What are your tips for ending the year in style?

To end the year well, I really advise you to remain open to yourself and to others. Keep taking care of yourself. The more you will feel good in your body and in your mind, the more you will be able to share this happiness and this well-being with your loved ones.

And of course at the end of the year it's also the time to shine, I who love glitter, make the most of it & shine bright like a yogi!

What are your favorite YUJ pieces?

Without hesitation, the Savasana combination ! In my eyes it's really a MUST-HAVE because it brings together the practical side and the glamorous side in one piece!

I'm also a fan of the YUJ yoga team sweatshirt. For me it defines the YUJ spirit very well: community, sharing and benevolence (and in addition it is super comfortable). To put on all your yoga outfits!

At what times can we practice with you in one of the YUJ YOGA STUDIOS?

I am at :

Work on your inversions, heart openings and much more with Laure in a good mood and kindness by reserving your mat HERE .

Happy holidays and see you soon for a new meeting and lots of new advice!

The YUJ Team