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HEAT WEATHER: Healthy tips

Gael Duval

It's hot Baby! You're hot ? U.S. too ! With the heat wave it's just impossible to fall asleep! Here are our healthy tips to do before going to sleep to survive this “muy caliente” heat wave.

1. Yoga

© yoga-journal chris andre

To lower the body temperature nothing better than a posture that is done from his bed. Viparita Karani's posture is ideal for hot weather. In your bed, lie on your back so that your legs are against the wall. Leave a little distance between your hips and the wall so that your legs don't have to work. Close your eyes, feel your legs lighten up, your worries melt away and the heat subside.

2. Breathing

Pranayama is the art of controlling the breath. One of the pranayama techniques is called Sitali and helps to refresh the body. Always from your bed, settle into a comfortable position, if possible seated. Form an "O" shape with your mouth, roll your tongue into a "U" shape and inhale deeply through your mouth (if you can't, place the tip of your tongue just behind your lower lip). You will then feel the fresh air passing through you. Then close your mouth and exhale through your nose. Repeat the exercise several times.

3. Hydration

©huffington post

Obviously nothing better than good hydration to avoid suffering from the heat wave: a good bottle of water is always the best solution. You can also hydrate yourself with coconut water which is rich in sodium and potassium which is very beneficial for our body! For those who don't like coconut and want to change from plain water, there is the essential lemon water. Thanks to the acidity of the lemon, we produce more saliva, which makes us less thirsty. We hope these little tips will help you sleep well tonight! Tell us what you think? :)