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Heat wave: Enjoy these beautiful days!

Gael Duval

Hard, hard to work with these scorching temperatures, isn't it? Come on, let's stay positive and attack with our little hydration and well-being tips!

To vary the pleasures YUJ offers you its selection of perfect drinks to pamper your body and hydrate it during the summer:

  • Warm soups and/or gazpacho

Drinking soup in summer seems like a crazy idea, I grant you, but effective thanks to waterlogged vegetables!

  • Juices and smoothies

100% pure juice beverages will be beneficial. After the effort, the smoothie is also very appreciated because thirst-quenching. Think of the delicious juice from our partner JUS C' JUICE that you will find during our event atMOLITOR .

  • coconut water

It has the advantage of being a low sugar drink and provides sodium and potassium to your body.

  • Water with lemon wedge

Hydrate yourself in a playful and natural way? Think of detox waters and water with a few slices of lemon at lunchtime, vitamin C will help you digest better.

And the most obvious for the end, WATER! But be careful not to put too many ice cubes in your glass. These might just cause you stomach cramps.

What can you do to relax and make you more productive?


Sitting, with the index, middle and ring fingers of your two hands, form small circles on your temples by massaging them. Secondly, press the index finger between the two eyebrows, above the nose and massage again in a circular fashion. You activate the energy that was hiding within you and you will lighten up.

Sorry girls but we'll save the small glass of wine or the Mojito for cooler evenings ;-) Be happy, stay hydrated and don't forget to…