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Comment se libérer des émotions négatives ?

How to free yourself from negative emotions?

Helene Duval

The opening of the hips allows us to move forward.

This joint is the first support of our legs and is considered as the 1st floor, the one that starts from the feet to the hips and therefore connected to the ground. Our hips allow us to do a lot of movements thanks to all the muscles connected to them.

A good opening of the hips will condition our emotional state and allow to release certain feelings such as fear, anger and sadness.

In our Western lifestyles, the pelvis region and the hip joints are two areas that are often abused by our sedentary lifestyle. They are therefore relatively closed and imprison our emotions. These emotions or traumas will anchor themselves in our flexor muscles and in particular at the level of the Psoas and block our pelvis.

The whole region of the pelvis is connected to the element of water and therefore to the lymph, which influences our emotional states. It is also our second energy center: Svadisthana Chakra, the base of the self, the chakra of the emotions. This chakra is connected to the pleasures of life in its entirety (sexuality, creativity, procreation).

When we work on both the physical and energetic body in this area, we find a deep well-being that opens us to others.

Here is a little exercise that you can all try in the morning in the shower...

Close your eyes for a few seconds and feel the water running down each part of your body thinking about all the negative things that are poisoning your life. Visualize them coming out of you imagining that the element of water is cleansing all those negative thoughts.

In the practice of yoga, there are many postures that will promote this openness and liberation. I really like the posture of the goddess which I find very interesting from a physical and energetic point of view:

Spread your feet. Your heels are pointing inward. Anchor the arches well in the ground. Bend your knees and bend your arms to have your elbows at 90°, taking care to relax your shoulders. You can also repeat the moon salutation several times, as in this video.



Helen Duval