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Comprendre l'Énergie Féminine avec Axelle Roucou

Understanding Feminine Energy with Axelle Roucou

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If you are a regular at YUJ YOGA STUDIO classes, you may have discovered that we offer a Feminine Energy class, taught by Axelle Roucou . In this period of confinement, sometimes heavy or even anxiety-provoking, it is more than ever the time to take care of yourself. Focus on this gentle and benevolent practice that wants you good!

Today, our frantic daily pace pushes us to always go further in all aspects of our lives. What conditions us to live with a certain level of stress. We see that more and more women are suffering from hormone drops, strong premenstrual syndrome, painful periods or even endometriosis. And, it seems normal! However, many health problems have their roots in these stressful life patterns that disconnect us, leave us exhausted and often sick. The impacts of stress and the infernal rhythm that we impose on ourselves are considerable on the female body and our hormonal system.

No, it's actually neither normal nor necessary to suffer, regardless of the phase of your cycle .

Understand your body and its cycles

The body sends us signals to help us understand them, but often we don't take the time to listen to ourselves. Hence the appearance of a more feminine yoga such as the Feminine Energy classes which allow this time for oneself, restorative but also allowing a better understanding of our cycles . They work as follows:

  • Pre-ovulation in week 1 is the sunniest, the most masculine, and embodies women, action.
  • Ovulation in week 2 is when hormones are at their highest. The phase where the woman feels in her fullness.
  • Pre-menstruation in week 3 is the time when sometimes you can hate your cycle. Our hormone levels drop dramatically causing more sensitivity and emotional instability.
  • Week 4 is the week of pause time and inner concentration. This listening and learning of our body is found in the Feminine Energy course.

The practice of Female Energy

The practice is soft, lunar and introspective like the feminine energy that each of us releases.

The Feminine Energy practice is global: it includes hormonal yoga postures which, thanks to breathing techniques such as dynamic breathing and “energy circulation”, will target and stimulate all the glands of the hormonal system (ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands). The practice is also gentle and soothing through its moon salutations and contemplative through its facial yoga .

In summary, this practice of feminine energy invites you on an inner journey to the heart of the female body: better understand yourself to better accept and sublimate yourself!

More technically, this practice allows a hormonal balance, which helps to manage the menstrual cycle more effectively, the difficulties during the menopause or to boost fertility. More generally, this practice gives us physical strength , reduces stress , helps to lose weight and provides a feeling of general well-being and a fulfilling sex life ! 60 minutes for yourself is a real gift that also leads to the process of getting to know yourself better, and to love your body as it is, without judgment.

Open to all levels and all ages, this class takes place every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. with Axelle Roucou , on our YUJ YOGA STUDIO Online (see registration details here ).