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Conseils & recettes de yogi, été 2022

Yogi tips & recipes, summer 2022

Helene YUJ

Healthy mania, where this desire to eat better!

Our plates of yesterday are nothing like those of today!

And for good reason, climate change of course and this desire to eat well, eat better.

Gradually, meals rich in animal protein and dense in fat have given way to more plants. Too often sold as the slimming ally, stereotyped “light, low-calorie and tasteless meal”, the creativity of certain renowned chefs has made it possible to highlight the full richness of vegetable products.

Little by little the slogan that we remember well, because it rocked our childhood "eat five fruits and vegetables a day", has become a real mantra for the vast majority and the evolution of scientific knowledge has made it possible to shake up ideas received.

Plant products then became our health ally.

But it should also be specified that it is up to everyone to consume what they please within reason.

It's all about balance...

At the end of each month, we will offer you eight healthy, seasonal recipes that we yogis greatly appreciate.

First of all, some advice from yogis:

1. Learning to eat “healthy” means balancing your diet

We are certain that composing your meals of fruit and vegetables (in season, please), slow sugars, rich in fiber (such as rice, pasta, bread) and proteins (animal or vegetable) is a good match to fully nourish your body and maintain your physical and mental abilities.

However, try to keep in mind that eating habits may be suitable for some and not for others, the food education that your parents have accustomed you to will play a big role in your food consumption.

So try not to make yourself feel guilty with others by looking at the neighbor's plate which seems more balanced, "build" your plate the way you want by adapting the quantities (very important) and trying to follow the rule: proteins, slow and vegetable sugars.

2. Eating better is by definition consuming better

No matter what product you consume, it all ultimately results in that aptly-worded quote “it doesn’t matter the quantity as long as we have the quality”. When we attach importance to quality products, ideally coming from short circuits, as natural as possible, we undeniably feel it in taste and ultimately in the body.

And buying quality does not mean buying expensive either. Rely on the packaging, origin, culture and manufacture of the product.

3. Learn to cook them, our health ally

Finally, our last advice, to ensure “healthy” meals, is to bet on controlled cooking to preserve all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements (iron, magnesium, etc.). Many specialists agree that cooking in foil or steaming is a priority. To not get tired of these cooking, cooking on gas (or induction etc.) is also very good. Be careful not to burn your food with too strong fires for lack of time, bet on cooking at low temperatures.

4. Practice yoga before any meal

Digestion requires energy! If your belly is full, your practice will quickly become unpleasant. Twists (we give you three examples just below.) are excellent postures for massaging the abdomen and stimulating the digestive system. Therefore, it is strongly advised to practice on an empty stomach to avoid the risk of regurgitating.

If you practice later in the day, make sure you have left at least two hours for your body and your brain to digest before practicing.

To go even further, we also advise you to drink at least 30 minutes before your practice.

Our recommended twists:

Bent or straight leg seated twist. Inverted half-moon (you can put the foot down to go into a twisting lunge).

In conclusion, consuming better, yes, but cooking even more is our commitment as yogis to ethical, seasonal and local food for common well-being.

For the month of August, we have selected eight recipes to please everyone, with frank tastes and gourmet flavors. We'll let you take a look, and bon appetit of course!

Our selection of 8 healthy summer recipes