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Comprendre son cycle et adapter sa pratique en conséquence

Understand your cycle and adapt your practice accordingly

Helene YUJ


At each phase of the female cycle, hormones fluctuate which affects our fertility but also our energy and our emotions. It is therefore important to be aware of this in order to be able to take it into account and adapt our practice.

PHASE 1: Menstrual period 

Consequence of the absence of fertilization during the previous cycle, bleeding is the result of a drop in hormones leading us physiologically and emotionally towards a need for rest, introspection and calm.

If we were to compare the phases of the cycle to the seasons, it is here that winter is represented with this notion of hibernation.

In terms of activity, this is the perfect time to listen to yourself and trust your intuition and feelings. We are all different and so are our desires.

It is beneficial to be active and moving during this period but in a gentle and mindful way.

Take the opportunity, for example, to practice Soft Yoga and/or Yin Yoga .

PHASE 2: The pre-ovulatory period

Foliage-stimulating hormone (or FSH) secreted by the brain sends the message to the ovaries to get back to work. They therefore begin to secrete estrogen, the hormone of femininity.

Very variable according to each one, this phase can last from 1 to 5-6 days and gives us the feeling of a return of energy, desires for audacity and novelty. It is the spring of our cycle.

It's time to explore through Dynamic Yoga classes while being careful to keep your muscles active since estrogen allows us to be 3 to 4 times more flexible in this period than normal.

PHASE 3: The ovulatory period


Fertility window that can be observed by listening to your body (much more effective than an ovulation calendar ) , this phase represents the climax of the rise in energy provided by hormones. As in summer, we feel beautiful, good, we have beautiful hair and energy to spare.

The watchword of this period is to get out of your comfort zone, to explore new things, to challenge yourself, to move and to use this present strength.

Ideal therefore for any dynamic practice and to focus on Special Inversions and/or Yoga Body Sculpt classes, always keeping in mind that estrogen increases our natural flexibility to be able to avoid injuries.

PHASE 4: The post-ovulatory period


During this phase, which lasts about 14 days, the body releases progesterone, a relaxing and quite sedative hormone that increases the internal temperature.

Emotionally, it is responsible for the onset of emotions such as irritability, sadness, weariness, hence the famous Pre-Menstrual Syndromes (PMS).

More in a phase of relaxation, rest, concentration and creativity, it is an invitation to slow down with potentially symptoms to relieve.

The practice of yoga can therefore accompany you there through the courses of Flexibility & Bar on the Ground , just like Yin Yoga .

In any case, no matter what phase of your cycle you are in, continue to listen to yourself and trust yourself, there is no one who knows your body better than you!

And if you are prone to hormonal imbalances or any disturbance of this complex system, do not hesitate to find Axelle for our Feminine Energy course.


Source: Emancipated

Thanks to Laurène from @emancipées, naturopathy and female cycle observation advisor for all these valuable tips.