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Meeting with Delphine Brasseur

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? My name is Delphine, I will be 37 at the end of the year and I live in Waterloo in Belgium. I love everything related to well-being and self-reconnection. Learning new things all the time pretty much sums up my curious side. Elegance, beauty and nature are words that help me create harmony in my everyday life and magic in my “ harmony collection ” project. I am also obviously passionate about yoga and its philosophy of life. I'm excited to join the YUJ community, YUJ GIRLS ROCK !

What is your background ? After several years in various international companies where I worked in the field of Marketing and Communication, I now work in the Human Resources department of a multinational. Almost a year ago, I founded my own project “ harmonie collection ”. My artistic side is expressed, among other things, in the creation of personalized jewelry in semi-precious stones celebrating the authenticity and inner beauty of each person. These so-called “new precious” fine stones are now used by more and more great jewelers.

How did your "Harmonie Collection" project come about? A change of professional course allowed me to take a break for a few months during which I wanted to reflect on what drove me, what were my values, my desires and my dreams. Combining my HR function with my entrepreneurial project is a challenge that gives me a lot of energy and allows for great encounters and collaborations, such as YUJ!

When and how did you get this interest in stones? Two years ago, I attended a conference on lithotherapy. All the beauty, the magic and the benefits of the stones have operated! I myself have experienced their strengths. The black onyx helped me to anchor myself to the earth when I was too much in the mind, the Howlite brought me serenity in meditation and helps me find inner peace. The beauty of the stones is expressed both in terms of their colors, as well as their properties or their links with the chakras. It's a really exciting world!

What is your approach to wellness? Happiness ? Beauty? Inner harmony translating to the outside, I am attentive to the ethics of the products I put on my skin and to the origin of the foods my body needs to be in balance. The practice of yoga - even 5 minutes a day - as well as a bath with a few drops of essential oils have become health and beauty rituals that I need to feel in harmony.

What does this represent in your daily life? I try to be in gratitude for what life has to offer me every moment and to see the beauty in everything. Recharging my batteries in nature allows me to live well in my body to the rhythm of the seasons and in balance with the outside world. Sometimes I do the Tree Asana during a walk in the forest. What a strong moment of connection with nature and the earth, of returning to oneself and opening up to the world! BREATHE is also essential, I take several breathing breaks a day.

Do you practice yoga? I practice Hatha Yoga in a wellness center during the week in Waterloo and on a daily basis I settle in my workshop to perform the postures that my body needs according to my feelings at the time. My favorite posture is the Sarvangasana , the candle posture which both calms me and energizes my body.

What is your favorite YUJ product? It's hard to name just one, they all reflect feminine elegance for me! Anyway, I can tell you that the YUJ yoga mat is on my wishlist ! The sight of its flamboyant colors will surely give me energy before starting my yoga moment!

The world

What is your favorite country so far? Denmark remains my most recent crush! I fell in love with Copenhagen and Aarhus last June when I was on vacation there. I really like the Nordic countries. Nature, food, great Scandinavian designers and lifestyle, all of this inspires me and makes me dream.

Good addresses to share? I'm sure that all the YUJ girls would have a great time in Brussels in the Sablon and Place Brugmann districts where there are many very good addresses (decoration, fashion, restaurants)! For nature lovers, the Zwin nature park on the Belgian coast (in Knokke) is a must. I also recommend the Guldsmeden hotels in Denmark, they combine authentic Balinese style with Scandinavian savoir-vivre.

For you, "the place to be" is it? For me, the “place to be” is a place that mixes the magic of discovery, nature, design, elegance and serenity. It can be an exhibition 20km from my house or a paradise beach in the Seychelles. “The place to be” is ultimately the present moment and what we do with it.


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream? Georges Clooney for his charisma and his commitment to the humanitarian scene.

A quote that defines you? “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi.

What does a day in the life of Delphine look like? A small meditation session to set the intention for the day and a sugar-free breakfast before leaving for the office. My yoga and well-being moments when I get home to come back to me and then work on my harmony collection activities! My days are busy and I love it!

Do you have any nutrition/health advice for us? For me, the most important meal is breakfast. I always drink half a lemon squeezed in hot water when I wake up, accompanied by oily fish, sprouted seeds, vegetables and hummus. The more I avoid sweets, the greater my vitality!

Discover Delphine's beautiful collections on her HARMONIE COLLECTION website: