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Détox de Printemps

Spring Detox

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis!

Spring is fast approaching and brings with it a need for renewal. In order to allow the body to eliminate the waste accumulated during the winter, what better than a detox to welcome this new season?

In this article, we will explore together the yogi techniques for a spring detox.

Dynamic yoga to eliminate

Dynamic yoga consists of linking a series of postures in a fluid and tonic way to the rhythm of the breath. This choreography of postures makes it possible to warm up the body gradually until perspiration. Active sweating allows the body to eliminate some of the waste.

The importance of breathing 

Whatever style of yoga is practiced, the most important element is the breath. For a deep cleansing of the lungs, Pranayama Bastrika is very interesting. It is a breathing cycle where you expand your abdomen on the inhale and contract it on the exhale. Take a deep breath in and hold your breath for a few moments before slowly exhaling.

Your lungs will be freed from toxins to take a new breath with the arrival of spring.

Twists for the Digestive System

Torsions or twists are postures where one turns around the axis of the spine. These movements make it possible to massage the digestive system and perform pressure to flush out the toxins present in all the digestive system.

These postures will allow you to cleanse your entire digestive system before putting in place a lighter and more varied diet of fruits and vegetables.

Confidence-boosting inversions

In yoga practice, inversions are the postures where you bring your heart back above your head. These poses reverse blood flow to bring blood back to the brain and oxygenate it.

Inversions require great concentration and self-control. In these postures, your breath will be your best ally for the coordination and control of each movement. You will feel confidence in yourself and your body. The perfect energy combo to start the new season full of good vibes!

open your heart

The postures of opening of the heart, practiced in yin yoga, allow the body to regenerate and the mind to calm down. These static and restorative postures encourage you to just like nature and the flowers that open up again to the world in this season of spring.

Complete your detox with herbal teas

Hydration is also a key element of detox because it allows the body to function properly. To eliminate toxins in depth, you can carry out a cure with infusions at the beginning of the season. The Belle Plante infusion from the Chic des Plantes brand! facilitates the body's eliminatory functions thanks to linden and ash.

For a detox afternoon, take part in the Spring Detox workshop with Élodie in our studio in the 17th arrondissement from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. followed by a tasting of the Belle Plante infusion by Chic des Plantes!