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Détox de Janvier : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

January detox: good or bad idea?

Anne Lise Doidy

January, what better opportunity to refocus on yourself, your goals, your lifestyle?
At the start of the year, and at a time when the word detox is everywhere, we pay more attention than ever to our food. Indeed, all our energy is largely linked to what we eat ... so what are the most suitable foods in this month of January? What to eat and how to eat it to feel great in the middle of winter?

Obviously, it is necessary to favor natural foods as much as possible. The goal is to avoid as much as possible contaminating the body with pesticides, additives, preservatives and other artificial colors that are often hidden in industrial dishes.

Basic Principles

In the heart of winter, our body tends to be naturally more tired, especially because of the lack of light, sun and cold. It is therefore necessary to adapt your diet to gain as much energy as possible and not tire your body even more.

Here are some tips from the YUJ team to follow to spend the winter serenely and peacefully apprehend the coldest days:

  • Upon waking, drinking a glass of warm water helps the body to rehydrate after the night and the digestive system to cleanse itself so that it is healthier

  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables : in this season, it is mainly root vegetables that are recommended in particular by Ayurvedic medicine. We speak for example of turnips, carrots, parsnips, or even cruciferous vegetables, for example cabbage. These are vegetables that again cleanse and tone the whole body.

  • Eat hot and cooked : the body already tired by the surrounding cold must regain heat, so it is important to eat hot (easier to digest) and avoid raw vegetables.

  • Do not drink too much during the meal, but drink before and after . After the meal, a hot drink such as lukewarm water or an infusion helps digestion.

  • Eat your fill : neither too much nor too little. You should not tire your body by eating dishes that are too rich or too substantial. Conversely, not having enough to eat is also a way of disrupting your system and weakening it.

  • Chew well : this is the basic principle for a more lenient digestion

  • Vary the colors, shapes and flavors of your food and treat yourself!

A winter Ayurvedic menu?

  • In the morning : You can start with a herbal tea of ​​spices to rehydrate the body by sweetening it with honey which brings a lot of minerals. A porridge of oatmeal or vegetable rice pudding with seasonal fruits will do the trick for a good breakfast to attack a beautiful day!
  • Lunch : Vegetables!! You can cook them in order to obtain tender vegetables and accompany them with nutrients for the proper functioning of our metabolism (rice, quinoa, bulgur...). Without forgetting animal proteins or optional vegetarian beans, eggs or tofu.

  • As a snack : You can indulge yourself with almonds, nuts or dried fruit, and without forgetting our cute sin, a piece of dark chocolate!

  • In the evening : It is important to consume plenty of fluids after a winter day because our body has dried up. It is for this reason in particular that we have decided to partner with the Bù Bouillon brand, a perfect dinner and a good way to rehydrate.

What is Bù broth?

Bù broths are organic, 100% natural, vegetarian and very healthy broths - unlike other forms of broth. These broths are known for their healing properties. They are often associated with fitness programs, colds, intestinal diseases, allergies...
Bù broths are available to all students in our ALMA and WAGRAM studios free of charge. They can be tasted as follows:

  • In hot drink
Heat the broth, pour into a mug and enjoy!
  • In the kitchen

Place a few ingredients in a bowl such as cooked vegetables, pasta, cereals... Then sprinkle your dish with the very hot broth. A real way to give pep and flavor to your dishes without using salts or other broths harmful to health.
For example, here are some recipe ideas that you can make with the two broths available in the studios:

With the RADIANT:

A broth based on carrots and fennel, we offer you a recipe for 2 people. You need:
- 200g cooked basmati rice
- 160g shredded beef or fish
-a spring onion
- a 25cl bottle of "Radieux"
After cooking the rice and the meat/fish, all you have to do is reheat the broth for 2 minutes in a saucepan or 60 seconds in the microwave. Then pour over your ingredients and sprinkle your plates with thin slices of freshly chopped spring onion!

With the CHARMER:

Arrange ravioli, tortellini or other pasta in a bowl... garnish with a few fresh button mushrooms, a touch of coriander and pour the hot "Charmeur" over everything. In 5 minutes, it's ready!
Love at first sight guaranteed.
For more recipes, we invite you to visit their Instagram page.

Obviously, to replenish energy, the practice of physical activity is widely recommended. In particular the practice of yoga which is not aggressive and does not tire the body even more. Combine this with the benefits of infrared lights and the tasting of a good broth after class and you get all the energy you need to spend the winter in the best possible conditions!

The broths are self-service until January 15th. Take advantage of your course to recover it. Book here .

Please note that each person is different and all bodies react in their own way. As usual, we advise doing everything mindfully, and giving it your full attention. These tips may not be for everyone, the most important thing is to listen to your body.