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You are every day thousands of yogis all over France to practice with us from a distance and we feel immense gratitude for this. Besides, who talked about social distancing? We are more connected than ever!

If this period has a positive point, it is that it shows us how united we are and it pushes us to surpass ourselves and to find again and again solutions to make yoga accessible everywhere, all the time.

For so long you have been asking us to import the YUJ concept everywhere in France, we have done it... the YUJ YOGA STUDIOS are finally coming to your home! Discover our online courses now and find all your favorite teachers live from home.

YUJ YOGA STUDIO ONLINE - How does it work?

Every day we offer you several 60-minute classes built like workshops with each time a very specific theme (special telecommuting yoga, Yin yoga, heart and hip openings, self-confidence...).

These classes are given live on the Zoom application and are accessible to everyone, whether you live in Paris, in the provinces or abroad and whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi. 

Discover the registration steps and the schedule HERE .

Make your lesson unforgettable - even at home!

Before the start of the course you will receive the course invitation link as well as the playlist that the teacher has created especially for the course.
We strongly advise you to create your own atmosphere conducive to letting go, at home. In our view, this involves three essential steps:

Step 1. Find your corner of peace

This course is YOUR time. These 60 minutes are designed to do you good and allow you to take a break from your day. Try to find a place where you won't be disturbed and where you feel comfortable moving around. You don't necessarily need a big space, you just need to create your little bubble.

Step 2. Prepare your atmosphere

Plan to settle down 10 minutes before the start of the class to have time to prepare your atmosphere. If you like the atmosphere of YUJ YOGA STUDIOS, we recommend that you light a small candle and lower the brightness somehow. Burn some incense or palo santo to remove all negative energies from the space.

Step 3. Play the playlist

At YUJ as you may know, the playlist is an inherent element of the concept. This is why you receive before each online lesson the playlist of the teacher corresponding to the lesson. If you have the possibility, turn it on on a second device to have a background sound that will make the experience even more conducive to letting go.

Then we are connected and the experience can finally begin!

In addition to our online courses, we regularly offer 30-minute online courses on our YouTube channel , as well as 60-minute live courses on our Instagram page every weekend.

Find our online courses here , our Youtube channel here , and our Instagram page there . A thousand and one ways of practicing, a community. #YUJGANG