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DO-IN, the YUJ wellness solution

Marion YUJ
You know that nasty little muscle pain that throws us off every now and then? We all know it and Team YUJ shares its solution to you to forget it definitively, the DO-IN! 😉
In short, DO-IN is a self-massage derived from shiatsu that will help you start the year off right. The goal is simple, shiatsu recognizes 12 meridians coupled with organs that are located on either side of our spine. By pressing on these points you circulate the energy throughout your body.

Three fingers are enough: the thumb, the index, the middle finger and the palm of the hand for more softness.

Follow our #YUJgirl Emeline to soothe a migraine or refuel!

We quickly relieve our little headaches with this first massage, gently insisting on the temples, the neck and the top of the skull.

Focus on your breath and close your fists to massage down your spine from the bottom up. Come on, you are super flexible Yogistas you can do it! 😉

This stimulation is a real bodily awakening, you will feel re-energized!

Now you are a true self-massage professional! A little more advice? Regularly massage your feet, it is the center of the sensitive points of your body in Chinese medicine.