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Du yoga comme nulle part ailleurs

Yoga like no other

Helene YUJ

YUJ YOGA STUDIO is a unique concept of urban refuge where you physically and mentally cleanse yourself. In a dark room, lit by candlelight and far from hectic Paris, you come to take a one-hour yoga class, easy to fit into your busy schedule.

YUJ YOGA STUDIO is an experience. It's probably the only place where you don't look at your watch because time doesn't matter anymore. Here, we let go, we feel all the positive vibrations and when we come out, we feel so good that we are already thinking of coming back to our yoga mat.

It's not us who say it, it's our students. Check out their testimonials:

"For me it's just therapy. Some go to their shrinks, I go to yoga. It's exactly the same in terms of well-being” – Joy
“I love coming to YUJ, it's a bubble of well-being under the infrared. It's relaxation guaranteed! – Mary
“I come to YUJ to get away from it all for an hour and because it feels like home. We are super accepted, well treated… it's a great experience! –Anna
“Yoga for me is a perfect anti-stress and the teachers here are always really attentive. There is good energy and the more we come, the more we want to come. – Manon
“I am a physiotherapist and I started yoga just to integrate it into my physio treatments. When I joined the YUJ studio, I loved the atmosphere and the energy there. So I wanted to continue for myself, in my daily practice, because it makes me feel good and it relaxes me. – Cecile
“I practice in YUJ studios because the teachers are super inspiring and really very experienced and I really like the studio, it's really nice. –Solene

Our students in training love our courses as much as our YUJ TEACHER TRAINING training:

“I have been in YUJ training for a month and a half now. It is an extraordinary experience! It is extremely serious and extremely motivating training and the teaching is of very high quality. – Virginia
“I am following the YUJ Teacher Training yoga training at the YUJ studio, which I discovered not very long ago, and which I love because it is a kind of bubble in a Paris which is going very very quickly. . It's great to be here, we are surrounded by a team that is absolutely brilliant, with professionals and people who are extremely caring and that feels good! –Delphine

If you too would like to share your feedback on your experience at YUJ YOGA STUDIOS, contact us at

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