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Élévations & lâcher-prise

Elevations & letting go

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis!

You have already heard of it, the sun salutation is one of the most practiced sequences in yoga, but do you know what the benefits of sun salutations are?

Sun Salutations

The sun salutation A & B are two complete sequences that allow you to practice all the muscles in the body, we open and stretch the whole body. This is why they are often done at the start of practice, as a warm-up before a sports session.

Elevation and letting go

During the sun salutation, the asana Hastha, standing with arms towards the sky is a posture that allows you to replenish your energy while postures towards the ground such as the half-pinch, with the head and arms relaxed towards the ground are postures that invite letting go.

A philosophy of life

Beyond practicing Sun Salutations at the beginning of each of your practices, these poses can be done in the morning. They allow you to wake up the body and the mind to fill up with good energies for the day. They fit perfectly into a daily routine since they require little time. It's a great way to incorporate yoga into your life as a true philosophy for your body and mind.