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Embrace your inner Warrior

Embrace your inner Warrior

Anne Lise Doidy
Virabhadrasana or warrior posture
VIRA (hero) BHADRA (virtuous) SANA


With the change of season, we often have less energy than we would like and find it difficult to find the balance necessary for the new needs of the body, such as that of resting more.

If this can sometimes lead to frustration, it is nevertheless an ideal period to refocus, take stock of our desires and leave behind us the superfluous...

It is also an opportunity to apprehend all this energy which is in us and of which we do not always realize the extent. Yet it is there, ready to be deployed and used with full awareness.

At YUJ , we offer you to find a certain stability, by appealing to the warrior who is in you! Yes yes. We refocus and anchor ourselves in the moment, trusting in the Universe, but above all in ourselves and our abilities.

We no longer fight against ourselves, on the contrary, we learn to go to the essentials and use what we have, as it is, and what makes us vibrate, move forward.


In Yoga, there are several Warrior Asanas: 1, 2, 3, Inverted, Humble… we will describe them all here, so get your mats!


WARRIOR I Set your intention

From downward facing dog (inverted V-shape), inhale and raise your right leg skyward. As you exhale, bring your right foot back between your two hands, while turning your left rear foot slightly inward (at a 45° angle). Your right knee is on the same line as your right ankle while the back leg is extended.

Once you are stable, inhale and raise your arms to the sky. Relax your shoulders away from your ears (back and down). You can either keep your arms open to create space at chest level (palms facing each other), or join the palms together (more difficult). Your hips are aligned with your torso. Belly engaged, gaze directed towards your hands.


WARRIOR II Look straight ahead, stay focused on your goals

From your warrior 1: inhale, open your chest. Exhale while turning your left rear foot to a 90° angle (parallel to the edge of your mat) and opening your arms so that they are parallel to the floor. Your arms (even your fingers!) are engaged and remain at shoulder height and your torso is rotated along the long edge of your mat. Your right knee is on the same line as your right ankle while the back leg is extended. Your hips are open this time. Belly still engaged and gaze directed towards your right hand.


INVERTED WARRIOR Invert your ideas, change your perspective and keep the essentials

From your warrior 2, inhale into the pose while slightly advancing your right hand. Exhale as you turn your palm up and bring your arms up above your head and back. Keep your front leg bent while your back hand slides along your straight leg. Belly and legs are firmly engaged. Open your chest, make space and look up.


WARRIOR III Open your heart and spread your wings

From a high lunge (like Warrior 1, the heel of the back straight leg does not touch the ground: you are on your tiptoes), push your right foot on the floor while gently lifting the back straight leg. You can keep your front leg bent while you find your balance, while your back leg is parallel to the ground (flexed foot, toes facing the ground). Engage your belly, and gradually move your torso forward. You can either join your hands in prayer in front of your heart, or stretch your arms forward parallel to the ground, or stretch your arms backwards still parallel. Open your chest, spread your wings! Once you feel stable, start straightening your front leg. The back leg is turned slightly inward, thus closing your hips.


HUMBLE WARRIOR Center yourself and be humble

Here, it's about accepting that you can't do everything but do what you can in full awareness and with all this new energy deployed. Trust yourself, there is a time for everything!

From your warrior I, inhale, open your chest while bringing your arms back. Interlace your fingers and press your palms together. Inhale while gazing up at the ceiling, and exhale, bend your torso forward inside your bent right leg. Your back leg is straight, release your head when you are stable.


And remember: warrior here does not mean armor! So always have fun, smile and find some fluidity in your movements.

Use your breath and create your own flow, the very one that will help you through the ups and downs that each season brings.


Thanks to our yogi Frédéric for the photos at YUJ Yoga Studio , he is wearing our favorite WARRIOR t-shirt !