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Voyager à l'intérieur de soi

Travel inside yourself

Helene YUJ
Travel inside yourself

This is one of the teachings of yoga that guides us in the detachment of received ideas, falsehood, ego, likes or dislikes, conditioning by being in reality as it is.

Trying to center yourself inside yourself by momentarily cutting yourself off from the outside… Isn't that what the world in which we live invites us or rather obliges us to do? Goodbye heels, mini skirts, our days are now placed under the sign of comfort, and nothing better than leggings to stay at home but also to travel... inside yourself.

Here are some tips for observing what we feel inside us:

First limit the information and distractions that come from the outside world in order to protect yourself from mental agitations. Take the time to become an observer of your breathing by remaining attentive to all internal bodily or mental perceptions, pleasant or unpleasant, without questioning or reflecting on these perceptions.

Observe the natural movement associated with breathing: towards the passage of air in the nostrils, the diffusion of heat in the body during exhalations, the feeling of heaviness and relaxation of the body or the perception of images, ideas that address our mind without rejecting anything (not even the unpleasant perceptions of pain, tension). We do not avoid unpleasant sensations but we feel them without letting them grow.

Gradually detach from what surrounds us. Socrates said "Know yourself, yourself" and specified "and you will know the Universe". Intimate self-knowledge is the key to openness to life and to the universe.

Finally set an intention, now that we are well settled with ourselves in calm and tranquility. Listen to what you want and life will take care of how. Let this intention exist without clinging to it.

What do you want to grow today? What is your desire?

Hélène Duval for "Hélène et les Yogis", every Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the instagram account @heleneduvalyoga