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Make your dream come true

Bertrand Charlot

You've heard these silly phrases before but unfortunately shape the way we think. "Stop taking your dreams for realities", "She speaks like in a book"... And then one day you discover yoga and as you practice you free yourself from all those beliefs that before limited you . Now you are comfortable inside, you feel more and more aligned, you are ready and very fertile to plant a little seed inside of you. This little seed is planted now, it is a very specific intention that you want in your life.


1/ One intention at a time to be repeated tirelessly

2/ A short and positive intention

3/ If you don't have clear and precise words then visualize the

4/ Dream Big

5 / Stay aligned on your path and let the little worries of life solve themselves

6/ Your intention is your secret

7/ Be sure of yourself, the more you believe in it, the stronger your intention will be

You are not making a wish but taking control of your becoming responsible for your destiny.