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I feel good!

Marion YUJ

Summer: male name (Latin aestas, -atis ) - Three months of happiness, sun, vacation and idleness (ok almost...)! 

This summer the YUJ team decreed it, we feel good about our body, we are happy and proud of ourselves!

Ok, easier said than done I grant you... But as usual we have some little tips to help you enjoy yourself!

1. Be positive

It's always useful to be positive and it will especially help you to accept yourself as you are! When you start looking positively at your life, you really boost your self-esteem.

Send yourself good vibes! From now on we look at each other with objectivity, we accept each other with its faults and its qualities. The perfect opportunity to wear the new YUJ tank top, BIENVEILLANCE . ❤️

2. Find you inner Beyoncé 😉

Self-esteem is a wave! A smile sends a positive message. The next time your morale is playing tricks on you, look in the mirror and put on your best smile, you just have to see it to believe it!

3. Stop comparing to others

Stop comparing yourself to others and you'll see, you'll save a lot of time to do much nicer things! From now on we say stop to the little jealousies, and we focus on the present and all the wonderful things we are able to accomplish! WE RUN THE WORLD GIRLS! 💪

4. Treat your body with love

Every morning, take the time to gently wake up your body. Stand up slowly and do 5 sun salutations. Starting your day with gentleness and positive thoughts will do you a world of good, believe us. 😉

5. Dress to impress... Yourself!

Wear what you love, what makes you beautiful, unique and radiant. YUJ means "to unite" in Sanskrit: it is the link that unites the body and the mind. Wear YUJ to look beautiful and feel beautiful!

To end this reading in style, this week we celebrate France, French designers and... YUJ of course! On occasion, the YUJteam is happy to offer you -10% on all sale items with the code " COCORICO "!