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Liver and Yoga - Part 3: Detox Tips

Julie YUJ


– Fruits: cherries, applesauce, dried figs, strawberries, kiwi, dried prunes, …
– Vegetables: seaweed, vegetable broth, rhubarb compote, dried beans, fresh spinach, cooked endives, leek, lettuce,…
– Starchy foods to favor in meals: quinoa, lentils, bread, pasta and brown rice (in limited quantity)
– Pure and fasting olive oil (promotes transit)
– Flaxseed oil or seeds (laxative)

Detox drinks:
– herbal teas: buckthorn, chicory, dandelion, sage, …
– aloe vera juice (laxative)
– vegetable charcoal (detoxifying)
– green clay diluted in water (detoxifying and remineralising)

– Drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water on an empty stomach.
– On an empty stomach, one tablespoon of olive oil for 5 days. Courage !
– Black radish at will!
– Infusion of rosemary, thyme or burdock.
– Dandelion root decoction.
Eat artichoke or infuse 10 to 20 g of leaves to drink after meals.
Fast one day a week.
Avoid dairy products, alcohol, coffee and…Chocolate!

Helen Duval