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Helene YUJ


Since 2014 YUJ Paris has created more than 30 models of yoga mats, each thought and imagined for you, in line with your current energy, your emotions and your desires. Your carpet is your best guide, it is important to choose it well to feel in harmony and thus begin your journey towards inner peace and letting go.

The origins of the YUJ rug

And yes, our yoga mats are inspired by traditional Indian mats, which we have revisited to create aesthetically beautiful mats, as well as particularly thin ones to allow you to have a better anchorage and a better balance for the practice of dynamic yoga. In addition, this thinness and its ultra light weight (1.8 kg) gives it the advantage of being foldable with the possibility of slipping it easily into your bag, and thus being able to enjoy it wherever you go! Its dimensions (173 cm x 61 cm x 1.55 mm) are adequate for all yogis.


Ommm… How pleasant it is to practice on a mat whose design has been skilfully researched so that it is filled with as much energy as possible! The creation of the brand new Moon rug comes from the inspiration of the cycle of the moon, feminine energies, and a great desire for softness. The Sky, on the other hand, is inspired by the element of air, inviting you to escape and travel with its neutral and soothing colors, it is the promise of a better dawn... These two yoga mats were created during the hard period of confinement and respond to these currently fluctuating energies. Need sweetness and travel!

Your frequently asked questions… We answer them!

At YUJ we listen to our yogis and we take the time to answer all your questions. Here are the ones you ask us most often:

Why is it better to have a thinner mat for practicing yoga?

Have you ever tried balancing on one foot on your bed? You didn't have to last very long...

At YUJ we make particularly thin mats with love and technicality and yogis often wonder about this choice because it is true that a thick mat is synonymous with comfort. However, the thinner the mat, the more your technique will improve because your ground anchors will be deeper, you will be closer to the ground and you will be able to have total control of your movements. The power of balance and the almost direct relationship to the ground are fundamental principles for the smooth running of your yoga session and your inner journey.

My yoga mat is slipping, what should I do?

You are a yogi with particularly dry hands and you think that no material except PVC will allow you to have a good grip? We have the solution !

If you feel your mat is slipping, moisten the anchor points. You can do this by using a spray that you fill with water. Then, spray it on the fixed points of your carpet where you will most often be balancing, in order to perfect its adhesion. To spend an even softer, restful and invigorating moment, we advise you to add your favorite essential oils to your water when you moisten your carpet.

Water to clean my mat between two yoga sessions, is that enough?

Dear yogis, know that we reject on our carpet all our emotions… But also bacteria! Cleaning your carpet with a disinfectant spray or by simply passing a cloth with water are reflexes to banish from your daily life. This is why we have made rugs that are machine washable in cold water, without detergent, and without spinning.

Where are your rugs made and what are they made of?

All our products are made in Portugal with the exception of our rugs which are made in Asia. Our eco-friendly mats are made of eco-friendly and recycled biodegradable rubber, made of 100% natural rubber, tinted with water-based latex-free, silicone-free, and phthalate-free. In addition, the "faux suede" coating is made from recycled plastic bottles.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask us on our Instagram @yujyoga, we will answer them with pleasure! See you soon on your mats, Namast'hey.