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Home is Where My Yoga Mat is

Julie YUJ

All disciplines have their equipment. In the practice of yoga the term "less is more" has its full meaning. Indeed the only accessory you need is a yoga mat so choose the right one because you will spend time on it 😊


​Yoga teaches us the purification of the body and the mind so avoid practicing on polluting carpets or using dangerous materials such as PVC which is neither recyclable nor degradable.

At YUJ , we have created a natural rubber mat which is a non-polluting, biodegradable, recyclable material with excellent grip. Your yoga mat is the mirror of the yogi so have an ethical approach 😉


Your yoga mat will support you, you will step on it, you will pour your good or bad vibes on it and it will always be there, faithful and ready to be rolled out. Choose a yoga mat that is connected to the ground, to the earth. I know, you already think that the thicker it is, the more comfortable it will be. It's wrong ! It's like your mattress, the softer it is, the more often you go to the ostheo. Your yoga mat must be thin (if your knees hurt in Balasana, for example, add a towel while you perform the posture) because the thinner it is, the more you will be in contact with the ground to root yourself. A good rooting is also a good balance. Your mat will help you considerably to progress in your postures.


It's good you're there ... Addicted to this new yogi life! You need your yoga fix everywhere... Ok, but without your yoga mat, there is no practice. But that was before because our yoga mats, in addition to being beautiful, ethical, are also foldable. Say goodbye to travel without yoga, now your best friend will always be with you folded at the bottom of your suitcase or in a shopping bag ready to be unsheathed.


I take it everywhere, I lie on it, I glue myself on it, I trample it, I cry, I sweat on it sometimes even I lend it to the foot or the hand of my practice neighbor in humid or hot rooms .... my yoga mat is a nest of bacteria! We explained to you that it had to be disinfected after each use with a few drops of essentials... Nay, the best way to have a clean mat is to wash it in the machine. Our YUJ yoga mats are washable at 30 degrees.

Everything we do and create is done by yogis for yogis, no bad surprise we have already tested!

Helen Duval