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Practicing together on the YUJ YOGA STUDIO Online has now become a daily habit that we can no longer do without. We meet there to go further in the practice, to discover even more what our body is capable of, to fill up with positive energy and to release all tensions. This studio without walls or borders (our 7th studio) will remain anchored in time and will not disappear.

In addition to this online studio, and in order to help you go even further in your yoga learning, we will add a video to our IGTV channel every week. This video of just a few minutes will be published on our instagram page and will take the form of a tutorial. We will dissect postures, transitions, pranayama exercises and everything that may be useful to you. We think it's a good way for you to work more in depth and come back to certain postures, for example, which are a little more difficult to grasp and which require technique and training.

We give you sleep and already go to our Instagram page @yujyoga to discover the first tutorial of the series: the posture on the head - Sirsasana by Laurine (

Laurine is wearing the Fireworks set, available here .

Do not hesitate to send us a private message to tell us what you would like to deepen. :-)