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Jenna, our international #YUJgirl!

Bertrand Charlot

Can you introduce yourself? I am Jenna Benater. I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a fun loving free spirited woman who always loves adventure, connecting with people and being out in nature.

How and when did you start practicing Yoga? I started practicing Yoga about 2 and half years ago and immediately a seed was planted that sprouted very soon after. I enrolled in a Vinyasa teacher training and I have been teaching full time ever since. ❤️

What does your passion represent in your daily life ? Yoga has changed my life, has given new meaning to my days and truly is the best natural high and time that one can give to themselves. I teach full time, hosting yoga retreat at out in the Waterberg on a beautiful game farm MUTAPA through YogaYou and BlissBeing. I teach wellness days to corporate companies and teach charity classes to children in townships around Johannesburg. Yoga is everything to me, the way I live my every day stems from this way of life. I am so grateful that my job everyday is to make a stand for the greatness in other beings.

Do you have time to practice while you travel? Of course I have time to practice on my travels where ever I go my mat comes along with me, I keep it rolled out in a good open space and either morning or evening I find my way there and whether or not it's a full self practice that I do or a few asanas and breathing exercises I incorporate Yoga into my every day schedule.

What is your favorite YUJ product? I love all my Yuj items! But my favorite are my Yuj pants , it's like having a magical second cloak of skin on that weighs almost nothing and breathes easily. They make me look fabulous as well! The quality and design truly are like no other!

The world

What is your favorite country so far ? India for sure is my favorite country! I lived there for a year four years back and it was life changing. The people and the land there are so full of goodness and life. I recommend everyone to make a trip there.

Can you share with us you favorite spots to hang out ? I love to hang out in Parkhurst it's an area close to my house with many restaurants and coffee shops. Many dog ​​parks too! I love going to the bush (private game reserves in the Waterberg) for time out to be in nature about a two hour drive from home. I love hiking and being outdoors and of course hanging out with yogis .

What is your "The place to be"? The place to be for me is anywhere outside, jazz music for sundowners out in one of our beautiful parks with great people .


L et's talk about movies, who are your favorite actors/actresses ? To be completely honest I don't watch too much tv anymore. I love animal planet, inner outer worlds episodes, planet earth. But favorite actors that come to mind are Kevin Spacey, Leonardo Dicaprio and Will Smith.

Which quote suits you best ? "No matter what commandments, Sutras and religious or spiritual stuff that you follow, if you choose love, you win." - Thug unicorn by Tanya Markul. I believe all situations can be solved by leading with your heart and moving with love and compassion.

What does a day in your life look like? Oh my life is wonderful. I wake up every day doing what I love most. Sharing what has brought so much love connection and happiness to my life. I work with fantastic people and I am a living proof that if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life!

Jenna is wearing the BIRD shorts and the CLOUD bra.