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world water day

Marion YUJ

Dear Yogistas, on the occasion of World Water Day, the YUJ team is proud to be transparent about its signature "House of Mindfulness".

At YUJ we do everything we can to guarantee you quality products, while making sure to reduce our footprint on water and the environment.

We select our partners very carefully because well-being does not only pass through yoga but through a global and general awareness of water and our planet through our daily consumption.

In other words, what are you doing? 🤷

YUJ, an ethical and eco-responsible brand. We develop a whole part of our collection with the most beautiful natural materials in order to promote sustainable development. Discover our ECO FRIENDLY collection HERE .

Our production plant in Portugal recycles the water, inks and materials used to manufacture our products. All of our products sourced from Portugal have been created with full awareness of reducing our water footprint for more environmentally friendly collections.

All our products are certified. We are proud to be a partner of the Fair Ware Foundation . This association aims to ensure decent working conditions in African, European and Asian countries and to improve their skills and areas of expertise in order to strengthen their economies.
The icing on the cake, the bags and boxes in which your sublime orders are sent are made of recycled materials!

At home too, think about the planet and protect this water that we love so much by taking small, simple daily actions:

- I turn off the tap while cleaning my hands and brushing my teeth.

- I prefer the shower to the bath.

Let's go! Let's work all together!