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La super lune du tonnerre de juillet

July Super Thunder Moon

Helene YUJ

Tonight, the full moon of July, nicknamed “the super thunder moon” will be in Capricorn!​​​​​​​


Larger and visible to the naked eye, it pushes us to explore our being and organize a sacred time for one of the most determining celestial movements of the year. Closer to the earth, its energetic power allows you to refocus your chakras and reactivate the nadis, vital bodily energies linked to the universe. By stimulating Ida nadis, our lunar channel , to the left of the spine, our body will be brought to relaxation, to well-being, to the present moment.

Traditionally, full moons force us to take stock of our professional and personal progress. These are moments suspended for some, a moment of calm or tumult for others, a possibility to evacuate all questions or emotional constraints.

Saturn and Uranus will also be present to accompany our moon. It is therefore the perfect time to take advantage of the effectiveness of the influence of the Capricorn sign and exacerbate the renewal effect of a powerful lunation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dare ​​to welcome this sacred event, breathe fully, we guarantee you increased emotions!

For the occasion, YUJ offers you a workshop "FULL MOON SOUNDBATH RITUAL"

Escape and treat yourself to a moment of deep emotional release through the vibrations chosen to train you beyond the boundaries of the body in this sound journey dedicated to the Full Moon which soothes and calms us. All levels welcome!

Book your spot on our website:

Studio WAGRAM – 2 rue Gounod, 75017 Paris

See you tonight?