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The YUJ Pretox

Marion YUJ

Attention D-4 before the start of the end of year celebrations! Raclette, turkey, foie gras, etc... we all dread the fateful moment when our weight increases on the scale! Don't worry, at YUJ we have the solution and it's called Prétox .

Let's talk little but let's talk well, what is pretox? Miracle and healthy solution from across the Channel to help us review our diet before the holidays. This way we can better enjoy gargantuan meals without any regrets. Unlike detox, the goal of pretox is to prepare your body for the excesses to come.

We start by trying to eliminate gluten and lactose, which are proteins that promote water retention and ultimately cellulite. We also avoid saturated fats, sweets and “heavy” proteins to digest such as eggs and fatty meats. Obviously, we drink soup without moderation, ask the Angels of Victoria's Secret, they will confirm!

To perfect your pretox, avoid stress with a few breathing and yoga exercises. In any case, stress does not suit you! 😉

So what will all of this get you? Boosted energy, better quality of sleep, a little weight loss, regained shape, and above all beautiful skin. You will feel the effects from day one, we promise!

So as it's almost Christmas, we have a little gift for you: YUJ offers you A COMPLETE PRETOX GUIDE to print and take with you everywhere! You will find yoga exercises to relax easily, healthy recipes and a ready-made menu.

We wish you a very happy holiday season, NAMAST'HEY Yogistas! 🙏