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Le Bain Sonore : pourquoi tenter l'expérience ?

The Sound Bath: why try the experiment?

Service clients YUJ

If you are a fan of YUJ studios, you may know that every month, we welcome Catherine Berthomé for a "Sound Bath" workshop.

True immersion in sound and an incredible harmonizing experience for body and mind, discover all its benefits with us.

What is a sound bath?

This ancient practice has its origins in Tibet and China. It is in fact a concert that allows the body to reach a state of harmonization through sound. The instruments used are associated with each other to create wonderful harmonies and vibrations all around the body and resonate specific notes that correspond to the energies of the chakras. These notes will pass through the energy field, promoting the development of a deep sense of peace. So after synchronization of brain waves and body, balance is established and stress will be released.

Just lie down and relax in order to fully feel the sounds and vibrations that harmonize and strengthen all your chakras. The balance between your body and your mind will then be established.

Concretely, what are the benefits of this practice?

The sound bath will include:

  • Promote deep relaxation and calm the mind
  • Act on stress, anxiety
  • Influencing physical and emotional fatigue

    The sounds of the instruments will target the tensions of the body and make them disappear by touching the body at all its levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

    Our whole body is receptive to sound, it is not only heard by our ears. It therefore has a profound beneficial effect on organs, tissues, cells, as well as on the circulatory, endocrine and metabolic system.

    What instruments are used?

    Catherine uses many instruments and handles them to perfection. Among these:

    Bowls: There are crystal and metal bowls that are struck with a mallet that is turned on the outer edge. Each of these bowls have their own note which corresponds to a musical note of the 7 main chakras. These sounds will open, activate and balance the chakras.

    The gong: It produces very varied sounds, from the highest and clearest (in resonance with the high chakras), to the deepest (in resonance with the chakras close to the root). These vibrations will act on people suffering from disorders related to the events of daily life.

    The chime: In the Chinese art of Feng Shui, it is a simple and beautiful way to create positive waves in space. Listening carefully will allow your intuition to guide you towards the sound that makes you feel good.

    Your appointment with yourself at YUJ YOGA STUDIO

    Guided by Catherine Berthomé, this trip takes place once a month at YUJ YOGA STUDIO WAGRAM. In a comfortable outfit, you will be installed on carpets, in a warm room lit by candles. Atmosphere conducive to relaxation (but if you already practice at YUJ, you see what we're talking about;)!)

    This sound bath will be linked to breathing and visualization exercises to allow you to enter completely and entirely into a state of consciousness to release physical and psychic tensions. Live a letting go of emotions and doubts in order to promote emotional release. You will be able to realize that certain sounds affect you particularly, they are those which reason with your fundamental note.

    A word from Catherine Berthomé:

    "As a teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation, I kindly guide each participant to enter a space of relaxation thanks to a hypnagogic state between wakefulness and sleep. Psycho practitioner and therapist in emotional release and energy therapy I share with you movements, breaths that will become precious tools in your daily life to find your balance.Trained in sound therapy, the gong is the centerpiece of my sound journeys, a true master in letting go that will take you far. My sound and Taoist massage treatments are an essential complement to this path towards “healing”.


    Book your place here and swap your tensions for powerful positive energies!