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Les Bienfaits des Infrarouges

The Benefits of Infrared

Anne Lise Doidy

Photo copyright GALA

Feel good physically and mentally, while eliminating toxins: from dream to reality! At YUJ Yoga Studio, we understand that yoga is not just about mental but also physical well-being. Practicing yoga under infrared light, whatever the season, will offer you precious benefits.


The Summer Body, we cultivate it all year round so, in autumn, we don't relax our efforts! Infrareds are a great way to keep your body shapely and toned. Indeed, many studies have demonstrated the benefits of infrared on calories burned. Practicing yoga under infrared would also be equivalent to regular jogging!


So, curious to know how it works? The heat emitted by the infrared penetrates up to 4 centimeters through the layers of the skin in order to reach the tissues in depth. By raising the temperature of the tissues, this allows the body to relax and release tight muscles. An ideal therapy to relieve the stiffness felt during the winter!


Infrared is also a real remedy for environmental toxins (pollution, exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, mercury, chlorinated water, etc.). By accumulating in the tissues, toxins harm our body and disrupt our organs. In addition, heavy metals decrease the activity of the immune system and the functioning of neurons. During the spring, a yoga session under infrared allows you to lighten these physical and mental burdens.


But that's not all ! Infrared is the reproduction of light emitted by the sun. Indeed, these two lights are composed of the same wavelengths which, combined, therefore produce the same effects. A yoga session under infrared is therefore a double source of vitamin D to feel in top shape all summer long!

Lilia Taghouti