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Les bienfaits du yoga chez les enfants

The benefits of yoga for children

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis!
Today we meet Sandra Perret, yoga expert for children and teacher at YUJ. She accompanies your children for our school holiday program “Yoga Kidz” which you can find by clicking here !

What are the many benefits of yoga for children?

Yoga allows the child a better knowledge of himself both in terms of his body image and his interiority. The child is thus more in harmony with himself and can therefore also live more harmoniously with others. Knowing yourself better means being more consistent with your inner self, being able to manage your emotions: which allows the child to be calmer because he is more peaceful and thus acquires self-confidence.
Yoga is particularly a very good way for the child to (re)find self-confidence, through a better knowledge of himself. Yoga is also a discipline that encourages the child to give the best without seeking performance. He progresses at his own pace according to his abilities. By knowing himself better, he will be able to set limits. This kindness and respect develop the child's confidence.


Does yoga allow children who are overflowing with energy to channel themselves and how?

Indeed, it allows the child to focus more on him, to reconnect to his inner world and this soothes him a lot. Channeling one's energy, learning to rest, to concentrate, to meditate through breathing games, concentration visualization exercises, by chanting mantras, by performing mudras, by small meditations and of course all the work posture that requires a great presence to oneself!

Yoga is not just for adults! This is also a practice that can be particularly fun and amusing.

For children it is essential to teach it in a playful way: to make it funny and amusing. I play a lot with the children and my sessions are also very dynamic and varied so as not to lose their attention! I do breathing games, rhythmic games, chanting of mantras and others, dances, concentration and visualization games, mindful tastings, meditations… it's quite rich.
I also like to organize my sadhanas around stories where my students become the heroes.
I love taking them into their imagination!
Thank you Sandra! Meet our yoga kidz expert every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. for workshops designed as a toolbox to learn how to manage their emotions, to better grow and awaken on the path of their life. From 6 years old.
So little yogis, jump quickly on your mat!