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Les bienfaits du yoga sur la récupération musculaire

The benefits of yoga on muscle recovery

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis!

Today we are going to discover together all the benefits of yoga on muscle recovery.

First of all, muscle recovery, what is it?

Unlike warming up, muscle recovery takes place after exercise. It allows you to avoid injury and above all to obtain real results after your fitness, running, dance or yoga session! As you will have understood, this phase is not negligible, because it allows the body to regenerate and assimilate the effort and therefore the changes that follow.

Yoga to relieve you after a sports session

Yoga has many virtues, including several postures that we recommend and which are conducive to muscle recovery.

1. The Backbend Pose

What does it bring me? This posture stretches the pectoral muscles, facilitating deeper breathing.

How do I settle into this posture? Take a deep breath, raise your arms above your head and gently bring them back to feel a bend in your back. Keeping your core well engaged, lift your chin. Feel your spine breathing.

2. The Standing Clamp Pose

What does it bring me? Once the back bend posture has been achieved, the head-to-knee posture allows you to stretch the lower back in the other direction, and thus release all the pressure. This position allows you to stretch your hamstrings.

How do I settle into this posture? Start from a straight position and take a deep breath. As you exhale, bend your knees and drop your upper body in an arch towards the floor, trying to touch it with your fingertips. If you can, rest your head against your knees with your hands completely flat. Ouch it shoots! Don't worry, as the days go by this position will become easier and even more comfortable. (Yes it is possible!)

3. Stretch Squat - Achilles Heel

What does it bring me? This position stretches the muscles of the feet, ankle and Achilles tendon. This stretch allows you to injure yourself less afterwards, to have less fragile ankles.

How do I settle into this posture? Start from a straight position, bend your knees and lower into the squat position. Place your feet hip-width apart. With a little momentum, stand on your tiptoes. Stay in this position for a few moments then put your weight in your hands and sit down before continuing with the next stretch.

4. Legs against the wall

What does it bring me? This posture is fundamental after a big sports or yoga session, because it accelerates the elimination of lactic acid. On the other hand, abdominal breathing encourages proper use of the diaphragm, which will help you avoid side stitches in the future.

How do I settle into this posture? Sit in the lotus position and stretch your legs out in front of you. Then, bend your knees towards your chest and then extend them against the wall. Leave a slight gap between your thighs so as not to put pressure on the position. Place your hands on your abs, letting your fingertips touch. Take a deep breath. Your belly swells and your fingers no longer touch. On exhalation, they come together again. Repeat this breathing movement as many times as you want.

5. Floor Twist Pose

What does it bring me? This posture is often the favorite of yogis after a good session! It allows you to relax your body, to feel a real letting go, and helps to have a deeper breath by stretching the intercostal muscles. And yes ! We forget them far too often and it is very important to stretch the muscles between the ribs and the obliques.

How do I settle into this posture? Lie on your back. Extend your shoulders to each side with your palms facing up. Drop your knees to the right and roll your head to the left. Then do the same on the other side. Don't forget to breathe well!

6. Knees to Chest Pose

What does it bring me? This posture relaxes the lower back, which is often tense on a daily basis or heavily strained during a sports session.

How do I settle into this posture? From a lying position, bend your legs and bring your knees and thighs to your stomach and chest. Hold them in this position with arm pressure around your legs. Feel free to rock gently from side to side to stretch your entire lower back and prevent injury in the future.

And here come the yogis! These tips are to be used without moderation, and especially if you decide to follow our Summer Body online yoga program (available by clicking here ) to relax your muscles and optimize results! This is a program where you accept yourself as you are by regaining control of yourself and loving your body, whatever it is!

See you soon on your carpet!