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The keys to a successful summer

Gael Duval

The keys to a successful summer: positive thoughts

For our summer to be as radiant as the sun, we have to think positive!
Have you ever heard of afformations? Afformation is a hybrid word coming from affirmation and information. In reality, few people know it, but our (mental) quality of life depends on the affirmations and questions that we ask ourselves mentally.
Afformation is a bit like the European word for sankalpa.
Try to repeat in your head "I'm happy", you will see a part of you will only half believe it yet, strangely, your day will be more positive than the previous one. Use the energy of words to shape your life in a positive way!
We suggest that you start little by little with a typical example of a week to follow.
Monday: We rely on Sankalpa n°7: “I become efficient and dynamic”.
Whether you are at work or on vacation, it is important to start the week by being dynamic! Use your time wisely: do the housework, your shopping, in short all your chores so that the rest of the week is lighter.
Tuesday: We rely on Sankalpa n°6: “I breathe perfectly well”
It is important to feel that the week is not going to be stressful. For this, take a deep breath of air and do some breathing exercises.
Wednesday: We rely on Sankalpa n°5: “I create my universe and my thoughts”
It is more than important to stimulate your creativity, it will have a very positive influence on your morale.
Thursday: We rely on Sankalpa n°12: “I listen to others and to myself”
Being attentive to others helps to feel important. It is an indispensable feeling for self-esteem that helps to gain self-confidence. It also allows us to listen to ourselves to understand our body and our emotions. Once you accept yourself, you immediately feel much better!
Friday: We rely on Sankalpa n°2: “I smile at life”
It's proven, if we smile at life, life will smile at us. Even small daily problems will seem less to us.
Saturday: We rely on the Sankalpa n°1: “I am happy”
Tell yourself you're happy because you are, you just don't realize it. Once you admit it, you'll see how much better life is!
Sunday: We rely on Sankalpa n°3: “yoga calms me down”
To end the week, relax with a good yoga session. A few stretches will give you a feeling of well-being. After a week like this you will see the importance of positive words! Focus on giving yourself one positive goal a day during your summer. And you will see that it will be the best summer you have had: it will be successful!