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La posture inversée du pont en yoga

Inversions and their benefits: decryption

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A few days after the two workshops given by master yogi Adam Husler at YUJ YOGA STUDIO , we return together to the theme of one of them: inverted postures.

These postures have many health benefits and are not necessarily reserved for experienced yogis. Discover all their secrets with us.

Inversions: Description

A posture is said to be inverted when the head is lower than the heart. When we talk about inversions, we are not necessarily talking about the posture on the head ( Sirsasana ) or the posture on the hands ( Adho Mukha Vrksasana ) - which are rather reserved for yogis of intermediate to advanced level . The posture of the candle ( Sarvangasana ) is an inverted posture. A downward facing dog ( Adho Mukha Svanasana) as well.

Why practice inversions?

Although the impressive postures on the head or on the hands, or that of the scorpion (Vrischikasana) are among the most popular, all the inverted postures have incredible benefits on our body as well as on our mind.

Facilitated blood circulation

One of the first benefits of inverted postures is to stimulate the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system. As soon as the head is down, the blood circulates differently, helped by gravity, its circulation is greatly facilitated, the legs are lightened and the lymph is stimulated. A particularly interesting benefit in times of extreme heat, when the feeling of heavy and swollen legs can be extremely unpleasant. This better blood circulation would even be beneficial for the skin as well as the hair, which is visibly healthier, brighter, stronger.

brain oxygenation

Here again, gravity plays an important role, since it facilitates blood circulation and at the same time facilitates the supply of oxygen to the brain. The brain is the organ with the greatest need for oxygen in our entire body, so a good supply is essential for its proper functioning.

Stimulation of the thyroid gland

The inverted shoulder stand pose is particularly beneficial for stimulating the thyroid gland. The fact of finding the legs behind causes a natural massage of this gland and thus maintains it in good health. The thyroid gland stimulates hormones that are essential for the proper functioning of our body. In addition to having a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland regulate the temperature of the body, the digestive, cardiac or nervous system.

Good health and stability of the spine

Inversions very deeply strengthen the entire abdominal belt, which supports the spine. In our sedentary life, our posture - very often riveted on the screens - finds itself bent forward, whereas to prevent back pain, we should rather promote alignment. Practicing inversions greatly improves your posture and thus prevents many back pains.

Gain of self-confidence

Going into a head-down posture totally upsets our bearings. It is necessary for most of these postures to trust yourself and believe in your abilities to dare to put your head down. We learn to surpass ourselves and when we start, a feeling of pride and euphoria often invades the body and the mind. In addition, gaining linearity through these postures makes you stand straighter in everyday life. As a result, we are unconsciously more confident, and it shows.

Accelerated muscle recovery

Inverted postures are usually practiced at the end of the practice because they almost automatically trigger a feeling of well-being and calm. They are therefore a real asset to recover more quickly from a practice that may be dynamic.

In this period of heat wave, it is more than recommended to practice for a few minutes some inverted postures, in particular that of the candle , accessible even to beginner yogis.

Come to YUJ YOGA STUDIO to become an inversion pro!