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Axelle's "Tips", #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

Axelle, our nomadic Yogista.

His stance:

It is a variation of the fish pose, which is called Matsyasana .

The practice of this posture makes it possible to find a beautiful, subtle opening of the rib cage on the physical and energetic level.
This is done gently thanks to the support of the brick placed between the shoulder blades.
A feeling of well-being emerges as well as the effect of much calmer and easier breathing from the bottom to the top of the chest.
Caution: Respecting the condition of the back is essential. Always start low.

His healthy advice:

My little secret for enjoying fall (not having to endure it), preparing your body for winter, getting rid of recurring colds and having light lungs:
the JUICE "The Super Booster of vitamins" a mixture with the extractor of oranges, ginger, carrots and apples!

His favorite YUJ piece:

My little favorite of the moment: the Yogasm t-shirt. I love the Yogasm pun!
I love the idea that you can be dressed in yoga gear and still be sexy and have a sense of humor!