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Camille's "Tips", #YUJgirl.

Marion YUJ

Camille is grace and gentleness incarnate. For her "tips" she decided to share with us her typical day.

My stance:

The holidays are already far away and it smells like autumn... To welcome autumn in all serenity, I suggest a detox day to regenerate body and mind. It is particularly recommended during a change of season in order to eliminate accumulated toxins and prepare the body to face the winter period. Choose a day where you can take time for yourself and pamper yourself.

In the program :
When you wake up, an aloe vera juice (in a blender, mix the gel from a stalk of aloe vera with 2 lemons, 20g of fresh ginger, 20g of fresh turmeric, 3 tablespoons of honey).
We are just beginning to take an interest in the benefits of aloe, which drains the liver, helps eliminate toxins, strengthens the intestinal flora… The list is so long!
Once you have removed the gel from the aloe vera you pass the leaf over your face for its antioxidant and moisturizing benefits.
To optimize your detox, do some yoga postures. Twists that will wring and drain your organs of elimination. (eg ardha matsyendrasana twists).

At lunch, eat a hot cereal (quinoa for example). Motivate friends to do this detox with you, it's more fun together and you can schedule your afternoon in the Hammam. With heat and sweating nothing better to say "goodbye" to toxins...
in the evening a vegetable broth and Ayurvedic herbal teas. The little greedy "extra" is to infuse a bag of yogi tea choco in vegetable milk, it's divine, as greedy as a hot chocolate and it will bring you a source of protein 😉

His healthy advice:

I recommend the purification breathing exercise kapalabhati pranayama.
It helps to deacidify the blood and allows the elimination of toxins. In addition, a regular practice allows you to find a flat stomach and will bring you a deep well-being.

His favorite YUJ piece:

Definitely the Omm sweatshirt ! 😍