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Let's start a REVOLUTION !

Let's start a REVOLUTION!

Anne Lise Doidy

Because this story is yours too , YUJ wanted to be closer to you with a top created in collaboration with our yogis. The YUJ community is growing more and more and your testimonies, whether they come from our students in the studios or from practitioners around the world via our social networks, are precious to us.

To evoke yoga, the words that we have often heard from you have been: change, evolution and revolution . YUJ therefore wanted to transcribe your messages into a top that would represent all yogis.

Revolution is the very essence of yoga. Do you know the Yamas and Niyamas? These are two foundations of yoga which, applied in life and practice, allow an individual to become the best version of themselves.

Let us give you a few:

  • Ahimsa – non-violence

It is forbidden to cause nuisance and pain to others.

  • Asteya – honesty, abstention from theft

We must avoid the appropriation of other people's property and accept that wealth comes to us.

  • Satya – truthfulness

It is not enough to abstain from lies but to conform the word to the right act.

  • Samtosa – serenity, contentment

There is no necessity which does not impose to be carried away by extreme emotions.

By practicing these principles, we find ourselves changed from within to become a better person for ourselves and for others. This is where the revolution begins. So dear yogis, be proud, free to be yourself, and participate in the yoga revolution ! 

Lilia Taghouti