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Mes accessoires de yogi : que m’apportent-ils ?

My yogi accessories: what do they bring me?

Helene YUJ

As a true yogi knows, you don't need hundreds of props to practice yoga. We even tell you that apart from a carpet and a brick, you don't need anything else! Still prefer their eco-responsible manufacturing from natural materials…

With our bricks, we are all on our toes!

Let's take a look at our yoga bricks ... they are made of cork so both natural and light, and above all transportable everywhere. Nevertheless, their lightness does not exclude their power. Indeed, they serve as a pillar on which we place our confidence as well as part of the weight of the body.

We explain to you

A yoga block should not be too big or too thick, otherwise we will put all our body weight on it and then all the benefits of the posture will disappear. A brick is only a support, it accompanies us with delicacy and power at the same time. We use it when we need a little boost, without ever relying 100% on it. And yes, this duality is important to recognize!

Ahimsa: the principle of non-violence

Ahimsa means "not wanting to cause injury", a notion that is ubiquitous in all yoga practices. At the heart of this subject are the following principles: Sthira and Sukha, firmness and gentleness. This is exactly what we are looking for with our brick, this same continual balance, composed of 50% firmness and 50% softness. This allows the body and mind to build muscle and meditate, but also to cross the energies and subsequently open and deploy its chakras.

We show you

Take the posture of the triangle (trikonasana) or the half-moon (ardha chandrasana). The idea is not to fall on your brick, but to find a harmony between your own balance and that brought by the brick to thus establish confidence and to go even further... This is what you hope basically, no? The finer the brick, the more powerful you will be and the more you will work... Yes, yes, you have to sweat a little sometimes to get real results!

One brick, two bricks… And our carpets?

Our mats have accompanied you on your physical and spiritual journey since 2014. Over the years we have acquired real know-how in the design of our eco-responsible yoga mats. Their finesse, resulting from the traditional Indian mats that we have revisited, allows you to have a perfect anchorage to the ground and to find this balance so much sought after. You will be able to deposit your emotions in all serenity and take it everywhere with you to practice.

For the curious little ones … Click here to learn even more about our yoga mats!

See you soon on your mats :)