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Detox month: our wellness tips

Bertrand Charlot

Hélène Duval, founder of YUJ and yoga teacher, gives you her seven precious tips to prepare for your big Spring cleaning!

1 "For at least three weeks, I drink a glass of birch sap every morning on an empty stomach. Birch sap, also called the elixir of life, is an anti-greyness remedy thanks to its diuretic properties."

2 "I'm sweating!! (laughs) I practice yoga under infrared - at YUJ YOGA STUDIO of course - and I favor twisting poses that will massage my digestive system."

3 "Apple passion… I am on a mono-diet of apples for a whole day. I really like this fruit because it is found all year round, it has an appetite suppressant effect and helps to eliminate heavy metals ! In addition, the apple is consumed in different forms, which makes it possible not to get bored too quickly: raw or cooked, in compote, mashed, in juice #yummy

4 "I mix lemon essential oil which I mix with a teaspoon of honey twice a day. It helps to tone my digestive system and heal my liver ; and it's good too!"

5 " I hydrate a lot by alternating still water and herbal teas (my favourite, the one with chamomile)."

6 "I set myself a schedule! For my part, I start on Sunday evening until Wednesday evening. I take advantage of this period to really listen to myself , I walk, I get a massage, I put on in “ slow life ” mode.

7 "I prefer a very light diet ! In the morning, a lemon squeezed in hot water as well as a kiwi full of vitamins and rich in fiber. For lunch, I start with a miso soup - appetite suppressant effect - followed by an artichoke or a green vegetable juice! At dinner, it's broth only (and in bed!)

Helen Duval