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Mon Expérience du Jeune Intermittent - Hélène Duval

My Experience of Intermittent Youth - Hélène Duval

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What if, once a week, we reset the counters to zero?

Often after yoga class, my students ask me about my diet... Diet? I don't really know what that means, especially in my life as a mom, entrepreneur and yoga teacher. I have no food constraints: I find that we already have enough in our lives! On the other hand my practice of yoga, which I consider as a guide and which aligns me on a daily basis, allows me to control or rather to reason with myself in my excesses.

My secret is not a strict and precise diet, but intermittent fasting.

I started 3 years ago the day after a yoga retreat , which I organize every year in Corsica, I had this click. A click so simple and effective that now I have adopted this ritual yes yes I am talking about a ritual in my life. Today intermittent fasting is integrated into my week and I can't live without it.

I told you it was simple. For my part, I chose to start on Sunday after a great and hearty family lunch until Monday when I resume my diet. So that means I'm skipping Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast…really not the end of the world.

I go to bed on Sunday evening with a good infusion and on Monday until lunch I drink a lot of water, especially not soup or broth but only water and infusions..

Effective ? such

My complexion is much clearer, I feel better in my body. Light in my head it clears my thoughts. I would not say that I lose weight but what is certain is that this ritual stabilizes my natural weight.

For 3 years, this ritual has really allowed me to refocus on myself and I feel the effects on my yoga practice which are improving… good in your body, light in your head, it's finally so easy. So what are you waiting for to try?!