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Nos 5 meilleures astuces Selfcare

Our Top 5 Selfcare Tips

Anne Lise Doidy

Well-being routines, healthy recipes, online yoga classes... The YUJ team shares its best #Selfcare tips with you today to stay mentally and physically on top, confinement or not.

Keep in touch with loved ones

Aperitifs on HouseParty with your friends, Facetime with your family… Every day, take a few minutes to call your loved ones and keep this bond that unites you despite the physical separation and this forced distance . This small gesture which sometimes only takes 5 minutes is not to be neglected since social relations are essential to our mental well-being and our happiness. Maybe this is an opportunity to call those people you would like to devote more time to?

Create a wellness routine

Take advantage of this situation to create new routines, new habits. Let it be a morning routine upon waking up with some sun salutations (find our corresponding YouTube video below ). Or an evening routine: turn off the screens at least an hour before going to bed and read that book that has been catching your eye for so long. Or take a few minutes each evening to write down the 5 things you are grateful for today, cultivate your gratitude , and the simple joys of everyday life will fill you with joy little by little.

Take care of your diet

Also take advantage of being at home to test new healthy and gourmet recipes. Make them as a family if you are lucky enough to be with your loved ones and share good meals together. Buy fresh and seasonal products if you have the opportunity and eat a maximum of fruits and vegetables, your immune system will be all the more grateful to you.

In the morning, start your day with a warm water-ginger-lemon mixture to cleanse your body (it's also an excellent source of vitamin C) .

Keep a rhythm

Confinement or not, don't let yourself go. Impose more or less flexible schedules on yourself and try to respect them as much as you can . Do not go to bed too late so as not to disturb your usual rhythm and your internal clock.

Keeping this rigor will help you accomplish more productive things in your day, things you might not normally take the time to do . This will allow you to move forward, to be proud of yourself, which is very important to keep your spirits up when it is almost impossible for us to go out. Also remember to stay active as much as possible, try to do one yoga session a day, even if only 10 or 20 minutes.

Practice Mindfulness

As a House of Mindfulness, we cannot give you better advice in our opinion. Each day, give yourself a moment of practice, yoga or meditation, which will help you awaken your consciousness and live fully in the present moment .

To help you, we share different ways to practice. On our YouTube page, you will discover a new free 30 or 40 minute lesson every day.

On our Instagram page, we give you an appointment for exclusive 60-minute lives with your favorite teachers every weekend.

And via our YUJ YOGA STUDIO ONLINE , you have access to several classes a day aimed at helping you really go further in your practice.

Take this period as a yoga retreat at home, a time when you refocus on yourself, on the present moment. Put on some music and dance, evacuate, live, laugh! Cultivate this positivity and energy that drives you , and share it as much as you can :-)