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Nos 5 astuces simples pour réussir à se relaxer

Our 5 simple tips for successful relaxation

Anne Lise Doidy

Last straight line before the end of the year, this period can be physically and emotionally intense. Here are 5 simple tips for successfully relaxing !

1. Be active!

    By reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels while increasing endorphin production, sport is one of the best stress fighters. Just find an activity that you like and stick to it for at least 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week and the results will be there!

    How about yoga? At YUJ Yoga Studio , come and let go thanks to an innovative concept. Our studios are true urban refuges. Enjoy 60 minutes in the dark to drift away from the hustle and bustle of your thoughts.

    Choose a practice adapted to your level and come and get rid of stress and toxins under the infrared heat!

    2. Laugh!

      We do not necessarily realize it at the time but laughter automatically delivers a good dose of dopamine, a neurotransmitter slightly preceding adrenaline. So don't hesitate to let yourself laugh more, it's the best therapy! 😂

      3. Breathe deeply

        Yes, breathing deeply and calmly several times a day and especially in the event of increased stress is extremely beneficial. Our body instantly understands that it needs to slow down, calm down and our thoughts are all the more clear, precise and often better ordered.

        When the need arises, in any situation or place, I just inhale for 6 counts and exhale for 6 counts as well. The main thing is to take the time to feel the air coming in and going out.

        Over here for more breathing exercises!

        4. Take a walk

        Forest bathing or according to the Japanese term, shinrin-yoku is a very widespread practice in the land of the rising sun, which simply consists of walking in the forest , paying attention to everything around us, like a kind of meditation- communion with nature .

        It would seem that walking for two hours in the woods improves our immune functions, reduces the level of cortisol (hormone secreted by the body in stressful situations) and lowers blood pressure!

        5. Focus your attention on something

          It is a question of focusing this time not on the breathing but on an action or an object. A very simple example, in times of stress I like to cook and prepare something because my attention will be focused on what I'm doing and not on the crowd of thoughts going through my head at the same time. It's quite radical.

          At YUJ Yoga Studio we offer Yin and Meditation classes for a break with yourself to let go and calm your thoughts. Take the time to feel the postures on the ground and listen to your breath.

          And you, what are your solutions and your little "tricks" in case of intense stress?


          At YUJ , the secret to combining all these tricks is simple! Come and enjoy the #YUJYOGA EXPERIENCE , yoga retreats designed to relax. Disconnect to reconnect is our mantra, a stay to live in kindness and listening to oneself and others!

          Interested? There are still a few places left for the next yoga retreat in the heart of the magnificent and soothing Etangs de Corot, in a 4* hotel and in the Caudalie spa. Information and reservations here !


          Faustine Cressot