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Nos astuces pour télé-travailler en toute sérénité

Our tips for teleworking with complete peace of mind

Helene YUJ

Our tips for teleworking with complete peace of mind

Since March 15, our lives have changed a lot, and our approach to work too. Now most of you are working from home. However, this new way of doing things can sometimes be complicated to live with.

Stick to your usual morning ritual

And yes ! The body is not afraid of routine, on the contrary! To work in complete serenity and be wide awake in the morning, we advise you to have a light breakfast, and take the time to do a short yoga session to awaken your body. A series of sun salutations for example!

For this, we thought of you! We have tailor-made your special Spring Detox program in the form of an E-book , including healthy and vegan recipe ideas, free online yoga classes and guided meditations... Everything you will need for this change of season and tele-working at home with complete peace of mind!

Lack of physical activity? Back pain ? Find the benefits of yoga from your office!

At YUJ it is important for us to understand how our body and our mind work, and how they are so intimately linked. Indeed, if you often have back pain, due to the posture you adopt when you work, or because of a lack of physical activity (more trips on foot, by bike, etc.), your mind will also be necessarily impacted.

Become aware of your overall posture and joint mobility

It is important to create a bubble of well-being at home, to relieve your body of the tensions of everyday life. That's why we decided to create a chair yoga class especially for you, every Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. This course will allow you to find good habits in your work postures, relax your mind, lower your stress level and eliminate your physical pain. Created for all levels, the benefits are immediate. You will feel much freer afterwards!

Little tips to prepare you for these 45 minutes of letting go:

  • You don't even need to change! Your outfit of the day will suit perfectly.
  • Make yourself comfortable in your work chair (with a backrest is better!)
  • Let yourself be guided towards a real feeling of letting go, to gently muscle your back and free your mind.
  • And to register, it's here ! ;)

    See you soon on your mat :)