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Nos recettes locales et de saison pour la rentrée !

Our local and seasonal recipes for the start of the school year!

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis,

Still on vacation or back, ready to go back to working days, or not, we share with you like every last Friday of the month, 8 balanced recipes.

At the dawn of September, summer always accompanies our days and autumn is fast approaching, to the delight of some.

Summer was complex for the planet and as a result, consuming seasonal, locally produced fruits and vegetables is no longer a question of style but a mode of consumption to adopt absolutely, not to say urgently.

Consuming in season and locally means protecting the environment. It means favoring local products harvested when ripe for better nutritional intake; think of citrus fruits in January to boost our vitamin C and waterlogged fruits in summer to hydrate us. Everything has meaning and a specific purpose, so why not try to respect what nature has to offer us?

To continue with our point, consuming “sustainably” also means eating food that has taste. The tomato is a good example. Imagine a tomato that has had time to ripen in the sun, facilitated by a short circuit, I guarantee you that it will not taste the same as the one that has finished ripening in the boats, treated with products that facilitate its conservation .

Finally, from an economic point of view, consuming in this way stimulates the country's economy and creates jobs. So, I don't know about you, but we yogis, we made our choice!

To help you in this new way of consuming or simply to continue to accompany you in this process, we give you the list of fruits and vegetables for the month of September and eight balanced recipes to attack the start of the new school year on the right foot. Enjoy your food !

Namast' Hey yogis 🙏

Our selection of 8 balanced recipes, back to school 2022